Meet the Crew


Rachel Ma


Edline Cao 

Logistics Coordinator

Kyle Sum 

Events Coordinator

Annie Lin

Logistics Coordinator

Eric Yu

Events Coordinator

Kristin Fuchihara

Marketing Director 

Eleanor Hsiun

Creative Director

Agnes Yuen

Creative Director

Matt Wan 

HR Coordinator

Valentina Mata 

HR Coordinator

Christine Soares 
Sponsorship Coordinator


Diane Obra

Favourite Food: Filipino Spaghetti

Fun Fact: I was born in a car

Michelle Anne Cheng

Favourite Food: Udon

Fun Fact: I enjoy playing the piano

and guitar

Julia Taylor

Favourite Food: Thai Food

Fun Fact: I've cuddled with and socialized baby penguins

Iris Wang

Favourite Food: Sushi

Fun Fact: I can roll my tongue upside down haha

Sabrina Wang

Favourite Food: Banh mi

Fun Fact: Bug spray is my greatest essential, I am a mosquito magnet

Tiffany Mak

Favourite Food: Spicy Tofu Soup

Fun Fact: I've seen a sea otter and a Chinese white dolphin in the wild before

Stephanie Lin

Favourite Food: Sushi

Fun Fact: I have gone diving with 8 different types of sharks

Valerie Leung

Favourite Food: Donuts

Fun Fact: I've traveled to 18 cities!✈️

Alison Lum

Favourite Food: Pizza

Fun Fact: I know how to

pogo stick.

Wai Yan Yeong

Favourite Food: Sushi

Fun Fact: I love running on forest trails.

Tim Wu

Favourite Food: Poke Bowls

Fun Fact: My mom thought I was a girl up till her 3 trimester. But afterwords I wasted her lots of money for being a male :(

Fernanda Diaz

Favourite Food: Enmoladas Oaxaquenas

Fun Fact: I know how to say goodbye in 7 languages.

Sandy Yuen

Favourite Food: Hot Pot

Fun Fact: I have pointy ears

Christine Soares

Favourite Food: Patbingsu

Fun Fact: I like over sized t-shirts.

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