1. What does the pricing cover?

The fees cover everything you could possibly need at the retreat. These include accommodations, two meals + snacks, activities, two-way transportation to the retreat site, a LFS Firsts t-shirt, prizes, and a rad swag bag!

2. Is there a refund or cancellation policy?

There are no refunds unless an emergency or medical issue occurs. Please contact LFS Firsts Co-Chairs for further explanation.

3. How do you address food allergies and dietary restrictions?

LFS Firsts aims to provide an excellent dining experience free from the worries of allergies and dietary restrictions. Camp Sts'ailes Lhawathet Lalem makes every effort to accommodate every camper’s needs. In your registration form, you will be required to fill out any dietary restrictions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us with your concerns.

4. How many trained volunteers will be at the retreat?

This year, there will be 12 executives who will be at the campsite overseeing the event as well as 16 leaders who will be within your group who can answer any questions you have. Camp safety advisors will be on site 24/7 ensuring the safety of all participants

5. Will there by wifi or phone service on site?

For the most part, phone service may be on and off depending on phone carrier. However, if internet is required to submit an assignment, the camp can provide Wi-Fi. If needed, please come to one of the Executives.

6. Health and safety concerns?

LFS Firsts strives to ensure that all campers feel safe at all times. LFS Firsts Executives, Leaders and Camp Staff provides 24 hour supervision with LFS Firsts Executives and Leaders are trained with protocols on safety and emergency procedures, and many are certified in first aid and CPR. Camp safety advisors are also on site 24/7 for additional support. In case of any emergency injuries or illness, there will be transportation provided to transport the individual to the nearest hospital. 

7. What are the cabins and facilities like?

Offering all sorts of entertainment and facilities, Camp Sts'ailes Lhawathet Lalem has powered washrooms with private hot showers and gorgeous sleeping arrangements. The building is located on 34 acres of pristine provincial Crown land, and you can hear and walk to the Chehalis River. 

8. Will males and females be in two different cabins?

Due to strict ruling and regulations, males and females will have to be separated when sleeping. If you do not identify as male or female, please email the Co-Chairs at lfsfirsts.cochairs@landfood.ubc.ca

9. What should I pack?

Some essential things to bring to LFS Firsts are:

  • Sleeping bag (or blankets) 

  • Pillow

  • Weather appropriate clothes for 2 days (jackets, shirts, pants, shorts, socks, undies, etc)

  • Personal hygiene (toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, etc)

  • Shoes (running shoes**, slides, flip flops, etc)

  • Anything else you desire to bring (books, sunscreen, water bottle for the bus, etc)

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